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about us

Isole' Himalayas

Jullay Travelers!

Let’s just put it this way, we are a team of travel - buffs who are head - over - heels in love with the Himalayas… the kind of love that only grows!

We have had been professionally engaged with the Services Industry … earning our dough for the next exciting adventure up in the mountains. However, we foundour true calling and decided to start this endeavor called “Isole' Himalayas” – so that our lives become a never - ending adventure to help others in re-writing theirstory (only if they want to), and enhance ours’.

Having travelled through the length and breadth of the Himalayas, we want to share our experience, travel stories and useful information with you, our fellow travelers.

We have integrated our Network to offer you End-to-End services. Starting from Basic Homestays & Tents in the remotest of Himalayan Village, to theMost Luxurious Accommodations.

Just select your kind of travel and Count on us – so every detail dovetail to your choice.

Join us in this journey only if you see yourselves as TRAVELLERS, not tourists!

Taashi Delek!


what our clients say

Sutanu Chakraborty

"Isolehimalays is doing an excellent job. Our last trip to Joshimath, Badrinath and Rudraprayag was made really memorable and special by team Isole. Great job done. Keep up the good work."

Amrita Datta Ghosh

One of the best trips I have had in recent times. The tricky part was, of course, traveling with only my 6-yr-old daughter for company and the fact that she had never been to the mountains before also appeared to be a matter of concern. Well... with Isolehimalayas (and my dear friend Saheli Mukherjee) planning...Read More

Suparna Biswas - Kolkata

"Saheli & team are people who are equipped to choose your destinations and chalk out the itinerary. They have been doing that for me. They are perceptive enough to understand your preferences and level of flexibility. She took me to Auli and next to Kinnaur-Kailash... they have been an amazing world unveiling before me"

Ganesh Kuppuswamy & Family - Bangalore

Always wanted to go to the snow! Got introduced to Saheli & team through a colleague. In the shortest time and with least iterations our itinerary was ready and yes, we were off to Himachal! Our first encounter with the Great Himalayas! Little did I guess that we would be "severely pampered" all through the tour....Read More

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Saheli Mukherjee


Tirthankar Dey

Travel Consultant